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in the first six months, they are comparable to president george w. bush. of course he won in 2004, but that was the first presidential election after 9/11. the big issue was national security and the big issue now is the economy and, to have these disappointing numbers is a trouble spot and it means president obama has to attack mitt romney, out of touch and doesn't care about the middle class and it will be a negative campaign and close race. >> jamie: thanks to the brain room for keeping us on top of accurate numbers, john cleary today. we were discussing, he and i, of the last four months, three of them we have been at 8.2% and here's the numbers of job created in the first six months during an election year. re-election for these candidates. 8.2%. what are the expectations of the american people come november? >> i don't think much will change between now and then, the president has to make the case the economy is getting better, a little better and there is more work to be done but the -- earlier this year the economy was looking a little stronger and if you go back to the ye
have done in the past, as well. like when former president george w. bush spoke at virginia tech university, just one day after 32 people were killed in a mass shooting on their campus in virginia. >> today i'd like to assure you a parent's love is never far from their child's heart. and as you draw closer to your own families in the coming days, i ask you to reach out to those who ache for sons and daughters who will never come home. >> reporter: so, when a particular part of the country is hurting the american public aren't the only ones paying attention. presidents do take note as well and, presidents do their best to help people heal but, jamie, the people of aurora, colorado are a long way away from being back to normal. >> jamie: probably settling in as well. it is terrible. thank you so much, peter. >> eric: a "fox news alert" now, this has to do with syria. where there is continued heavy fighting, reported in two of its largest cities. this as rebel forces battle government troops. there is ongoing fighting reported in the streets of the capital, damascus and it puts pres
of nevada and financial hurdles facing voters there. former deputy assistant to george w. bush and chris former chief of staff to senator joe manchon. i'm going to start with you, chris. president obama is going to attending a convention in reno. as we know nevada's economy is depressed. high foreclosures. what can the president say to gain support there? >> i think the president needs to make the argument why he has a better vision than governor romney. with the economic policies, social policies, in this case the veterans issues. he has done a lot of in terms of veterans and focusing on veterans during his precedency. nevada has been a tough hit state economically. high foreclosures, he is going to address that, but i think one of key distinctions between the two candidates, which one better understands you. look at all the polls. the poll that stands out again and again. again, if you look at the polls, one that stands out again and again. that is huge advantage for the president. >> arthel: people want to be understood, they want their problems to be understood but they want results.
, and guess who is on the list. former president george w. bush, k bailey hutchison, the former senator and former senator phil gramm. what are they talking about? >> well, it just shows how loosely constructed the doj's own expert said, i will read a direct quote from him in the trial, i was not asked to weigh in on the question of whether or not they would be able to vote. so this list was created to maximize the number of people that might be able to vote. it doesn't have a real basis in reality at all. >> what will happen with this decision, and what do you think the fate of voter id will be in this state? >> well, it is in the hands of the three-judge panel now, eric. it will be up to them to decide. unfortunately the way the law is written, eric holder does president have to prove his case. we have to prove he is wrong. ultimately it may result in the repeal of section five of the voting rights act which would be a great thing. >> well senator tommy williams and the other co-sponsors will await that decision by that panel in washington. thank you for joining us this morning. >> th
reeling and we are today still reeling from devastation of eight years of george w. bush. we were on a brink of a depression and so he felt the timing wasn't right. by the way, whether the number is 250 or 500 or 750 or a million, the republicans are saying no tax increases for anybody. and so the process is in the negotiation process. we're saying 250. the republicans are saying 2 billion. so, you know, this process of saying that there would be no negotiation on any tax increase -- president obama said for every dollar of tax increase, he would grate to ten dollars of budget cuts, no deal. the republicans are sticking their heads in the sand hoping upon hope this line that congressman said that we're going to kill the job creators -- >> jamie: let me ask you this -- >> is holding them hostage. >> jamie: dick, let me ask think and bob, please respond. what is the resolution, then, if you don't -- as democrats continue to push for this, we've stated it in terms of tax cuts and tax benefits, what's the resolution that you could see that could actually pass and help the folks of ame
assistant to president george w. bush and a member of the democratic national committee and former chair of vice president al gore's campaign in michigan in 2000. debbie, welcome. brad, welcome to you both. brad, let me start with you. this sounds like it came from the romney campaign but it did not. steve told us that robert gibbs, the obama campaign spokesman says we're not adding jobs fast enough, not growing the economy. what do they do? >> what they do, i'm not going to give advice to the democrats. i'll leave that to debbie but what the republicans need to do is it's not enough to tell the american people how bad obama is. they know that. they need an alternative and they have to believe that a change is going to better their situation so it's up to romney to lay out a clear and definitive plan in the next few months that the american people can say, ok, we've had enough of obama, we're willing to make the change in romney and the change that romney is willing to make is better than what we got. 70% of the american people, eric, whether you're republican or democrat feel the ameri
clinton won. then skip to 2004, 197,000, president george w. bush won. now, in 2012, average job growth in the first six months, 150,000, putting president obama in the middle of that stack. >> heather: lawmakers in california giving the green light to the nation's first high speed rail line. the controversial funding vote stick to go partisan lines. democratic governor jerry brown, party leaders lobbied hard for its passage. it will connect los angeles and san francisco and travel up to 220 miles per hour. the projected cost of the project? $68 billion. >> gregg: george zimmerman free on bail as he awaits trial in the shooting death of trayvon martin. this time he's under much tighter restrictions. among them, he must remain in seminole county, florida. his location will be electronically monitored. the judge revoked his previous bond after prosecutor the found evidence he and his wife lied to the court about their finances. >> heather: have you heard about this malware that could be infecting everyone, including you. >> gregg: yes. >> heather: the dangerous malware could cut you off f
us is political director under george w. bush and advisor center for -- >> i want to jump off. matt i will direct it to you first. are we a nation dependent on government programs or a nation of self-reliance? >> we are still a nation of self-reliance. gallup came out with a study and 46% of the american people believe that obamacare is going to hurt the economy. where the governor has it right we have serious problems as a country but those solutions don't always involve big new federal programs. that is something that obama gets wrong about policy. >> heather: your response to that? >> i don't know where the governor is coming up with his assertion that we don't rely on and utilize government programs. he himself went to washington to lobby for $400 million worth of funding to help with hurricane katrina relief and also the gulf spill. we see the food stamp rolls are growing. we support one another. we are paying into the system and we benefit from the system equally. so this idea we go it alone is not true. >> heather: the republican governors of four states they have declared that
of people supposedly disenfranchised included george w. bush, senator k bailey hutchison and phil gramm and even a senator from the state of texas who testified from the witness stand. we showed at trial the data relied upon by the department of justice was hopelessly flawed. >> i want to say something that they said the naacp convection where they likened the voter law to jim crowe poll taxes. here is what he said. >> many of those without id's would have to travel great distances to get them. some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. we call those poll taxes. >> in a short amount of time we have left i want to get your response to that and to two texas state senators who testified before the district court saying these laws were, quote, racially motivated. what do you say? >> first of all one of those senators who testified of that said he had lied previously already, and so his testimony can't be taken to account, but as it earns c eric holder -- as it concerns eric holder, he doesn't know what his own witness testified to. eric holder's witness sai
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)